How does vcuum flask factory test vacuum ? Have a look

Many customers asked us how to test vacuum how to ensure no vacuum fail bottle shipped . So,let’s have a look at below .
As you know ,vacuum flask also called thermos . Because it’s double wall and no air inside the 2 wall . So ,this kind of bottle can keep water hot and cold for long time. But how can vacuum flask manufacturer ensure no vacuum fail ? Okay ,let’s have a class with Eco drinkware who is the profession water bottle ,vacuum flask manufacturer in China , mainalnd.
Below is the vacuum tetsing machine for your reference . It works very simple .
There are many steel stick on the machine . The steel stick temperature will be very high reach 500 degree C when mchine works .
We just need to put the vacuum flask on the machine . Touch the flask 10 seconds later , if the bottle is hot means vacuum failed .
The vacuum failed flask will be pick out and never send to customers . The idea is same as put boiling water in the bottle .Just this way is much easy  and quick.
If you have any question ,welcome to contact below for further .Thanks.
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